Operation Rise, World Peace Day, 2011

Distribution of 10,000 pairs of crutches across Sierra Leone on one day.

The Peace Project’s extraordinary goal in 2011 was to get over 10,000 of Sierra Leone’s amputees, war victims and children back on their feet by providing crutches and other mobility devices on World Peace Day, September 21, 2011, in an effort we called Operation Rise.

This effort was conceived because Sierra Leone is home to over 20% of the world’s amputees plus tens of thousands polio victims – a sobering reminder of their recent 10+ year Civil War. One of the first steps towards sustainable peace is the ability to provide for oneself and personal mobility is key in that. As importantly, we believed that an effort of this size (which we implemented by developing an incredible network of NGOs including UNICEF, local advocacy groups, medical professionals, war victims and concerned citizens) would engage and inspire people worldwide to believe that significant change is possible when people believe, join together and take action.