Peace Lives Here

Concept and design for a Peace Museum in Sierra Leone

Coming off Operation Rise in 2011, The Peace Project was hired by the United Nations to conceptualize and design a Peace Museum in Sierra Leone to memorialize victims of the war and provide important historical context as to how and why the war began, what the impact of the war was on the country and it’s citizens, what ended the war, and what learnings could aid in Sierra Leone’s healing and help prevent future conflict.

The Peace Project assembled a team of graphic designers, space designers, storytellers and in-country intelligence and construction and got started. In the course of our work, we developed a slogan “Peace Lives Here”, along with a logo, exterior drawings of the building and a memorial garden, plus a complete conceptual design of the interior including ten exhibits. Our goal was to not only bring the conflict to life, but to vaunt the heroes of Sierra Leone – those who created peace and those who are helping to heal the country.

Ultimately, the UN allowed the project to die before construction, but The Peace Project gained valuable insight and knowledge that has been applied to our other work around the world.

Blessed are the people who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. – Camille Pissarro