Peace Center

Kailahun, Sierra Leone, Africa

Our experience has convinced us that peace begins at the community level and that sustainable peace is only possible when peoples’ basic needs are met and they have the tangible hope for a better future that is often instilled through education and training.

The Peace Center will be a purpose-built structure located in Kailahun where the civil war started and where our Sierra Leonean partner, CAPS (Community Association for Psychosocial Services) has established a strong base of operations. The center will be symbolic of a new beginning, and will give hope to the high percentage of disabled citizens and those whose lives were devastated by the war.

In addition to trauma counseling, the Peace Center will provide the only adult skills training programs in the area:

  • Subsistence Agriculture.
  • Metalsmithing, Electronics Repair and Sewing.
  • Adult Education and Basic Business Skills.

Designed by Architect Stephen Gardner of Bay-Build, each building will consist of a modular, prefabricated structural frame that is delivered to the site using standard shipping containers. This results in greater quality control, more efficient construction methods, and reduced build times. Using this system, a team of 6 workers can assemble the Peace Center within 2-3 weeks of arrival.

Operations & Sustainability

CAPS will be responsible for managing day-to-day operations. The Peace Project will provide strategic support. Sustainable revenue will be generated via:

  • Two peace-themed hotel rooms (Nelson Mandela and Sierra Leonean Peacemaker Ahmed Tejan Kabbah) will be an integral part of the center, introducing guests to our work and enabling them to help change a life with each night booked.
  • Kailahun’s only internet café.
  • Students who are unable to pay the modest program fee will trade services at the Peace Center.

Long-Term Vision

We seek to create a scalable development model that will empower our community and give them the tools to not only manifest a bright future for themselves and their family, but also enough prosperity to pay it forward.