Lisa Schultz | Founder

Lisa Schultz has spent her professional career creating moments when people look at each other and realize they’re more alike than different. Her desire to erase barriers and create a more loving world has become her life’s work as she’s transitioned from the helm of her experiential marketing company to the founder of, an international creative community, and then to the launch of The Peace Project in 2010.

Lisa is able to mobilize large groups of people around a common goal and inspire big thinking, as well as create collaborations that manifest complex ideas quickly and effectively. After seven years working hand-in-hand with people of all colors and faiths to create a world where more people are safe, secure and have equal rights, Lisa is convinced that true belief is when you want the same for your brothers and sisters that you want for yourself.

Stephen Gardner | Architect & Building Lead

Stephen began his career helping to design and build stunningly beautiful prefabricated steel homes in Southern California with O2 Architects. It was there his desire to build great things to serve humanity. In 2012, he helped design an early iteration of The Peace Center in Sierra Leone. Shortly after, Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines and Stephen rose to the daunting task of helping The Peace Project design a house that could be built in a day for less than $1,000.

After successfully leading the effort to rebuild a Filipino village on Bantayan Island, Stephen assisted with implementation of a multi-million dollar program for Habitat For Humanity, New Zealand. Currently Stephen is refining a modular, pre-fabricated building system that can be used to provide cost-effective and build-efficient housing and infrastructure worldwide – first stop is the Peace Center in Sierra Leone!

Michele D’Acosta | Storyteller

With a career spanning three decades across multiple art forms including filmmaking, creative writing, animation, painting and digital art, Michele’s sole purpose is to create positive social change. Her ability to use storytelling to accomplish this has earned her numerous honors including the Columbine Award (given annually to a filmmaker whose work promotes peace and non-violent conflict resolution). Most recently, Michele was recognized as one of the 60 most influential Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people in British Television by diversity campaign group, The TV Collective.

Michele is best known as the producer of the critically acclaimed documentary film BIGGIE & TUPAC, which has been named as one of the 50 most important documentary films from the past 25 years. Currently working on a documentary about her life as a black adoptee raised by white parents in the conservative British countryside, Michele shines her lens deeply into issues of race relations and how true healing can be achieved individually, locally and globally.

Heidi Huber | Logistics

Heidi Huber has spent her career moving mountains to meet deadlines to ensure that complex programs get done right – the first time. With 10 years of experiential marketing under her belt, she joined Lisa to build Out of Bounds and then jumped into the world of social media and helped to conceive and drive forward.

Heidi’s innate ability to juggle dozens of tasks simultaneously and her incredible patience are an asset as she deals with artists around the world online, in’s gallery space and at Affair of the Arts, a bi-annual art festival produced by The Peace Project team which brings the local community together in support of the arts and provides another revenue stream for The Peace Project.

Keith Aki-Sawyer | Building & Logistics Counsel

Keith is the Managing Director of International Development Enterprise Associates (UK) – “IDEA (UK)”. IDEA (UK)’s vision is to be the leading infrastructure developer and management organization in Sierra Leone — and to create world-class environments, sustainable employment opportunities, and notable contributions to GDP by engaging in local and national development projects in West Africa. Under his leadership, IDEA (UK) secured the concession for the premier hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2011, as part of its wider mission to execute and manage development projects in West Africa.   The new Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel is scheduled to be completed mid-2018.